Liquid Culture Kit with Jar, Magnetic Stirrer and LC Mix

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This kit is designed to help you take your first step into Mycology: working with liquid culture.

With this kit, you can create liquid culture from a clone on an agar plate, a spore on an agar plate, or expand an existing liquid culture syringe.

Kit Contents:


  1. Fill each jar with 250 ml of water (leaving extra headspace for air exchange).
  2. The white filter patch in the lid allows gas exchange. The black port is the injection port where you will draw the liquid once the culture is ready. Always spray the injection port with 70% isopropyl alcohol and leave for 30 seconds before injecting.
  3. Add 5 g of liquid culture mix to each jar, fill with 250 ml of boiling water, and stir. It’s normal for the liquid to be hazy and have sediments. Don’t forget to add a magnetic stirrer bar.(When the mycelium starts growing in the liquid, it will clear up the sediment)
  4. Secure the lid, ensuring no leaks (tilt the jar to test for leakage), and cover it with aluminium foil to prevent the air filter from getting wet during sterilization.
  5. Sterilize for 30-45 minutes at 15 psi. After sterilization, let the jars cool down in front of a flow hood or inside the sterilizer. You can also microwave sterilize these jars, contact us for instructions.
  6. Once cooled, check the injection port and air filter again for a secure fit as they may have become a bit loose after sterilization. It’s recommended to wait 1-2 weeks before inoculating to ensure sterility. You will notice a very cloudy growth which is a tell-tale sign for contamination. We have plenty of jars sitting on shelves ready to be used whenever we want, this way, we can get rid of the faulty jars before they have a chance to be inoculated, saving us time.
  7. In a still air box or in front of a flow hood, slightly loosen the jar lid. Sterilize your scalpel and transfer a piece of agar to the jar. Alternatively, use liquid culture by injecting through a sanitized injection port.
  8. Let the jars colonize at 22-25°C, in darkness if possible, to speed up the process. Stir occasionally for faster growth.
  9. When the mycelium is ready and appears jelly-like, the liquid culture is done.
  10. Before use, test the liquid culture on MEA plates or MEA containers. This ensures it is free of contamination.
  11. Once confirmed, label the jars and use them within a month at room temperature or 2-6 months if refrigerated at 4°C. Stir weekly to maintain oxygen levels.

Tip- Do not forget to buy iso propyl alcohol, Syringe and needle set and Agar plates for testing. All of which can be found in this LC shopping list.

Enjoy making your own liquid culture!

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