10x Pre-poured MEA plates petri dish 90 mm

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Pre-poured MEA plates- Petri dishes (Malt Extract Agar) for mushroom growing.

Our agar plates are thick-poured, which helps retain moisture for longer, preventing the plates from drying and making your cultures last longer.

Your purchase includes-

– 10x Parafilm pre-cut strip

– 10x 90mm Petri dish with MEA sealed with Parafilm

These plates are to be stored at room temperature. Do not store them in the fridge unless colonized.

Shelf life: 30-45 days

About the petri dish-

These dishes are made of clear polystyrene, allowing clarity while being disposable and durable. It is easy to stock and grip and has an anti-slip ring that offers stability.

General MEA petri dish information-

MEA is a gelatinous medium used to purify, germinate, isolate, and manipulate mushroom mycelium.

These petri dishes are 100% ready to inoculate with spores or mushroom mycelium.

We recommend MEA plates for

  • Germinating spores
  • Isolating a specific strain of mushroom
  • School projects to grow bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viruses (We have a separate listing for a school project kit on our eBay store)
These plates are treated with UVC light, greatly reducing contamination chances.

Malt Extract

Malt extract contains a high concentration of maltose, which provides a suitable environment for the growth of fungi. That is due to its rich source of carbon, protein and nitrogenous compounds, which are used as energy for fungi growth.


Agar-Agar is extracted from various seaweeds, such as gracilaria and gelidium (It contains no animal ingredients. Due to Agar’s unique gel prope