Rubber Self Healing Injection port and Syringe Filter for Mycology

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20x 20mm / 0.79″ Rubber Stopper Self-Healing Injection Ports for Jars. 20x 13mm 0.22-micron Nylon Syringe and Air Exchange Filters (Color may vary based on availability).

Please note the requirements for lid modification:

  • Injection port (Grey): Requires a 12mm hole.
  • Syringe filter: Requires a 4mm hole.

The syringe filter is designed with two distinct sides; the thicker side remains on top of the lid as shown in the pictures, while the smaller side goes through the lid.

Note that high temp RTV silicone, necessary for this setup, must be purchased separately as we do not supply it. After assembling the lids, they must cure for at least 24 hours before being ready for sterilization.


Ideal for liquid culture, substrate jars, and grain spawn jars, these components are autoclave-safe and designed to minimize contamination risks. Secure your po