Dry Light malt extract mycelium powder 1kg for Liquid Culture and Agar plates

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Understanding Dry Light Malt Extract (DLME) Powder

What is Light Malt Extract (DLME)?

Light Malt Extract (DLME) is a concentrated liquid extract derived from malted barley that is primarily used in brewing beer, ale, and mead. In the realm of mushroom cultivation, it serves to enhance mycelium expansion by providing an optimal mix of nutrients and carbohydrates necessary for superior growth.

Applications of Dried Malt Extract in Mushroom Growing:

Rootlab incorporates it in various formulations:

Recommended Ratios for Using DLME:

A general guideline is to use 10 grams of DLME for every 500ml of water. For example:

  • For 500ml of liquid culture, add 10 grams of DLME.
  • For 1000ml of Agar Petri dishes, add 20 grams of DLME.

Why Choose Light Malt Extract Over Other Supplements?

Our Light Malt Extract is specifically crafted to enrich your mushroom medium, offering a readily available energy source and vital nutrients. This extract is perfect for enhancing both the yield and quality of your mushroom harvest. Its ease of use and versatility make it suitable for a wide array of mushroom species, ideal for both commercial growers and hobbyists alike.

Storage Tips for DLME:

To prevent melting and clumping, store the DLME in a dry, cool place. It comes packaged with desiccants to ward off moisture. For best results, keep it in an airtight container to further prevent moisture ingress.

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