Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) plates Pre poured 90mm x10

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Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) is a widely used culture medium in microbiology laboratories for the growth and maintenance of fungi, particularly filamentous fungi and yeasts. This medium comprises mashed potatoes, dextrose (sugar), and agar, which solidifies the mixture, providing an optimal surface for fungal development.

PDA is preferred over alternatives such as MYPA due to its pale color, which aids in the easy detection of contaminants while preserving the robustness of the fungi.

These PDA plates are used for various microbiological applications:

  • Isolation of Fungi: These plates provide a rich nutrient environment conducive to fungal growth, enabling microbiologists to isolate specific fungal colonies through streaking or sample spreading.
  • Fungal Identification: Observing fungi on PDA plates facilitates species identification through the analysis of morphological features like colony color, texture, and growth patterns.
  • Maintenance of Fungal Cultures: These plates sustain fungal cultures under appropriate conditions for future use or distribution to other laboratories.
  • Study of Fungal Physiology and Metabolism: The plates are instrumental in studying fungal growth rates, sporulation, and reactions to environmental shifts or antifungal agents.

Your order includes:

  • 10 Pre-poured PDA Plates: Designed for prolonged moisture retention, these plates promote healthy mycelium growth.
  • 10 Parafilm Pre-cut Strips: These strips provide a secure, sterile enclosure for your cultures.
  • Durable 90mm Petri Dishes: Constructed from clear polystyrene for easy observation, these dishes are disposable and equipped with an anti-slip feature for enhanced stability.
  • Long Shelf Life: These plates offer a cultivation potential of 30-45 days.

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