Petri dish, 90mm, 3 vent,sterile, gamma radiated

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90mm Sterile petri dishes are ideal for culture techniques requiring a large surface, available in sleeves of 20 and sterilized using gamma radiation.

Made of clear polystyrene, they allow for disposability and durability while maintaining clarity. They are easy to stock and grip, featuring an anti-slip ring that offers stability. Perfect for culture techniques requiring a large surface, such as bacteriology studies and mycology. These petri dishes have 3 vents, ideal for optimum gaseous exchange to store, isolate, or manipulate fungi.

They cannot be autoclaved since they are made of polystyrene. Ideally, open and use all 20 dishes in one sleeve at once. If you are not using all 20 plates at once, you may heat-seal the sleeve after taking out the required number of plates. Alternatively, fold the top and tape it properly to prevent air from seeping in, helping to keep them sterile for longer.

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