Log dowel inoculation kit mushrooms

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Log Dowel Inoculation Kit for Mushroom Cultivation

Your Kit Includes:

  • Wax Dauber x10
  • Organic Beeswax: 100 grams
  • 8.5 mm Dowel Inoculation Drill Bit with Stopper, Hex Shank

General Information:

Use the drill bit to make precise holes in wood logs and inoculate them with colonized dowels. After inoculating the entire log, seal the dowels with melted beeswax applied using the provided dauber. You may choose to keep the ends of the log sealed or open. Ensure the logs remain moist throughout the year, considering factors such as log type, size, species, and local weather conditions. Expect the logs to begin fruiting anywhere from 6 months to a year.

The beeswax provided is in the form of tiny beads for easy melting and is certified organic. The drill bit is specifically designed for wood logs, featuring a stopper to ensure the creation of perfectly sized holes for our Dowel plugs.

Additional Details:

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