Agar punch transfer tool

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A specialised instrument designed for transferring agar culture from one petri dish to another in a precise circular pattern, creating aesthetically pleasing plates with perfectly circular mycelium growth.

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Explore the Capabilities of the Agar Punch – A Tool That Demands Skill!

Dimensions: 16cm in length, 1cm in width. Maximum cutting depth: 1 cm

The Agar Punch Transfer Tool is crafted to excel in agar transfers and the creation of pristine agar plates. Although it requires a period of learning and practice, the tool’s handmade craftsmanship and meticulous design distinguish it. It is crucial to handle the Agar Punch with care, as its spring and metal insert can detach easily since they are not permanently affixed. To effectively utilize the tool, heat the front section in a flame, transfer the mycelium to a new agar plate gently, and ensure it is released centrally and just above the surface of the agar to maintain an upright position. Despite its initial complexity, with commitment and regular use, the Agar Punch can become an essential instrument for mycologists dedicated to refining their agar plate techniques.

If you are eager to enhance your agar plate skills and are ready to invest time and effort to master this tool, the Agar Punch Transfer Tool could be a crucial addition to your mycology toolkit.

Important: This Product is not Autoclavable


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